jkaem joins G2.Kinguin’s CS:GO team

G2.Kinguin is pleased to announce the addition of Joakim “jkaem” Myrbostad to its CS:GO team. The 21-year-old Norwegian joins the club for an undisclosed fee from Copenhagen Wolves.

We are excited to announce that our CS:GO team is once again complete and ready to fire on all cylinders! After trying out several players over the last week, we are pleased to reveal that Joakim “jkaem” Myrbostad joins the club for an undisclosed fee from Copenhagen Wolves. 

Myrbostad is widely regarded as one of the most promising young talents hailing from the Scandinavian Counter-Strike scene. Having played for LGB and Copenhagen Wolves earlier in his career, he also brings more top-flight competitive experience to our squad. His talent, willingness and work ethic are praised by everyone who has worked with him on a professional level, and at G2.Kinguin he will find the perfect place to nurture his skills. We would like to highlight the professionalism shown by Copenhagen Wolves’ CEO, Jakob Lund Kristensen, while conducting negotiations with our club.

g2.kinguinfull roster

G2.Kinguin’s founder and CEO, Carlos “ocelote” Rodríguez Santiago, gave the following statement about the changes to the CS:GO team:

“Forming a great team is about getting the best mix of individual skill as well as the best synergy in place. But more than just that – specifically looking at long-term results and performance – all players should be feeling well and in harmony with each other. We believe that with the addition of Jkaem we are achieving that goal. Our current roster had the interest of acquiring Jkaem and we tried to make it happen promptly. And it was their excitement about him potentially joining that made us move at lightning speed.We want to thank Jakob, the CEO of Copenhagen Wolves, who was very supportive in making this deal happen. From here on we believe we got a kick-ass Counter-Strike team to achieve long-term success. We have done our very best to get these players together and we will surpass expectations in our support of these players throughout the exciting journey we have in front of us. Our primary role is to support players, make them happy and provide them with the conditions necessary to give the best possible performances. Thank you, Jkaem, for your trust and welcome to G2”

Myrbostad also expressed his delight at making the switch to G2.Kinguin, giving the following statement:

“I am really glad and proud to be part of G2.Kinguin. For me it’s a dream coming true! I think that with this lineup we can do really big things! I would also like to thank CPH Wolves, their owner and the players for the great times I spent there!”

With this squad, we firmly believe we have finally found the perfect mixture of talent, hard work and desire. We are now much better equipped to overcome the numerous hurdles and obstacles that will stand in our way. And at G2.Kinguin, we will do absolutely everything in our power to assist these players in achieving their goals. The journey to greatness starts with the DreamHack Open Cluj major!

Photos courtesy of HLTV.org

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