Knights of the Frozen Throne: Rdu’s Cards to Craft

Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion is about to be unlocked in every region. Check out which cards G2 Esports Rdu suggests to craft!

The Death Knights of Hearthstone’s new Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion have arrived. Dima ‘Rdu’ Radu, shares with you his cards to craft!

Top 5 Legendaries/Epics to Craft:

1. The lord of the scourge himself, The Lich King. Much like Ysera, The Lich King is a minion that demands an answer. The king himself provides you with a toolbox of spells that are well worth their cost.

2. The paladin death knight, Uther the Ebon Blade, brings with him the four horseman of the apocalypse and an upgraded Ashbringer! An alternative win condition is always a nice bonus!

3. Ultimate Infestation is the whole package: direct damage, card draw, life gain, and a minion all in one card. What isn’t there to love?

4. Rattling Rascal is Evolve Shaman’s new best friend. By dodging the drawback of the deathrattle, Shamans will have more than just doppelgangster to evolve.

5. The nature loving Malfurion has come back as Malfurion the Pestilent. This Death Knight brings with him both choices of offense and defense. Fandral shenanigans just got even more ridiculous.

Top 5 Rares/Commons to Craft:

1. An obvious gem in arena, Bonemare is a value packed card that brings a formidable 5/5 body on its own, but buffs a minion also. If Blessing of Kings was deemed strong, this card is even better.

2. An issue with rogues have always been their lack of healing cards. Shadowblade is a pseudo answer, allowing you to kill off a minion without taking damage the turn it is played.

3. Righteous Protector is just a better Argent Squire, whom saw play in many aggressive strategy decks. With Paladins gaining more divine shield themed cards, Righteous Protector will be a powerful staple in those decks.

4. Despicable Dreadlord is a demon without any downsides, unlike his brethren. His continual AOE damage, also while being decently stated, may revive demon-themed Warlock decks.

5. Bearshark. Half-Bear, Half-Shark, Great Art.

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