Kronovi: “A G2 team coming off losses is the scariest one”

We caught up with our Rocket League player Cameron “Kronovi” Bills before the start of RLCS and discussed the team’s preparation for the league, the bumpy road in the qualifiers, the current state of the game and more!

We are just hours away from the start of the second iteration of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS). The eight best teams in North America will face off in a round-robin stage, with the top four advancing to the season finals, where they will be joined by the leading teams of the European division.

Before the team gets into action with a double-header against Revival and Take 3, we had a chat with Cameron “Kronovi” Bills on matters concerning the preparation for the league, the bumpy run in the qualifiers, the current state of competitive Rocket League and more. 

What are your expectations heading into the new RLCS season? How have you been preparing?

Heading into RLCS season 2, we want to continue building the teamwork and strategy that won us the LAN. If we can translate that kind of focus and game mentality to our online play, then we should be unstoppable.

As defending champions, do you consider yourselves favourites?

Rocket League is a crazy game. I think we have an edge over some of our competition, but any team could really take the cake. Do not forget, the grand finals are quite a ways away. Teams could get better or worse within that time frame as well.

You had to qualify for RLCS from the Lower Bracket after losing to Take 2 in the quarter-finals. Was that a surprising result? Which factors do you think that contributed to that loss?

Losing to Take 2 was a little bit of a surprise. We knew that Take 2 had been practicing the week before and we were mentally prepared for their best. We spent the week going over some strategies, but some scheduling complications prevented us from actually practicing those strats and it cost us. The team that practices more wins more, and Take 2 practiced more for that match than we did.


Kronovi believes the team can repeat their RLCS triumph with the right mentality and work ethic

Are you worried about that defeat, or is the team treating it as something natural, something that can happen to anyone? ESPN, for example, wrote about a “massive dip in form” on your part.

Losing is a part of competitive gaming. The best way to deal with a loss is to understand why you lost and learn from it. Typically we win one thing and it gets to our heads; we do not focus as well or practice as much, and it comes back and bites us. That very next loss wakes us up and reminds us that we cannot stay at the top if we do not stay hungry for victory. A G2 squad coming off losses is the scariest one.

You and Zero have just moved into an apartment in Texas. Do you think this could play an important role when it comes to improving team play?

We will now be able to practice much more than before. Instead of spamming Twitter or calling someone on the phone, we can just barge in their room and wake the person up! Also, living together builds teamwork and friendship outside the game. It leads to a healthier team atmosphere, in my opinion.

Rocket League just keeps growing. Are you happy with the current state of the game at a competitive level? Where do you see the game going?

I never thought Rocket League would get this big. I am amazed at how far the game has come and honored to be a part of this community. I hope that the game keeps growing at this pace so that, maybe one day, the whole world can watch top-level Rocket League action and get addicted to this incredible game and outstanding community.

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