Kronovi: “I want to prove we can come back and stay at the top”

With the North American qualifiers for RLCS Season 3 set to start, we caught up with Cameron “Kronovi” Bills and quizzed the player on the recent roster swaps, his expectations for the new season, the team’s first place in ESPN’s power rankings, and more!

Today marks the start of season three of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS)!. Over 3,000 teams will take part in the North American qualifier, hoping to reach a spot in the Top 64 and in the final rounds, which will be played out next weekend. A total of eight teams will secure spots in the main league, which will culminate with the offline finals, where the bulk of a $300,000 prize pool will be up for grabs.

This will be the toughest test yet for the new G2 Esports roster, featuring Jacob “JKnaps” Knapman and Dillon “Rizzo” Rizzo. Expectations for the new season are high as the team has delivered some impressive results, including a title-winning campaign in last weekend’s Rocket Royale.

With the qualifiers set to start, we sat down with Cameron “Kronovi” Bills and quizzed the Season 1 champion on the recent roster swaps, his expectations for the new season, the team’s first place in ESPN’s power rankings, and more!

Season 3 kicks off today with the open qualifiers. What are your expectations heading into the season?

I’m expecting that we should make into league play with very few hiccups. The projected matchup are against opponents we are comfortable playing. What I can’t expect is which teams will make it out of the “group of death” (Iris, Atelier, and Selfless). One of those teams will not qualify, and that’s kind of scary to even say.

You finished the first season as world champions, but then things kind of fell apart as Season 2 progressed. What do you think that went wrong?

I think a lack of practice and overconfidence from winning season one really hurt the team. We did not even go to LAN as the 1st or 2nd seed, so I need to remember to stay humble and not underestimate my opponents. This season I am much more focused on rising to the top once again.

Several players were tested during the pre-season. What made you pick Rizzo and JKnaps, two young talents?

When I knew I would be trying out new teammates, JKnaps was the first person on my mind. In my eyes, he’s the best player in North America right now and is severely underrated. Rizzo came in a bit later, but he really keeps the team together. He’s the glue that keeps our rotations in check and follows up on offence to punch those final shots in the net.

How would you compare the current line-up with the previous one?

Only time will tell. The last lineup did poorly online and excelled in a LAN environment. So far this lineup has done well online, and I’m eager to see if we can transition that success to a LAN.

ESPN has placed you at the top of its power rankings in North America. Is that an extra source of pressure, especially considering what happened last season?

I see the power rankings as a form of motivation. I want me and my team to be rated highly. Especially after dipping way down in the rankings from last season, I want to prove to people that we have what it takes to come back and stay on top.

Which teams do you think that will be the biggest threats to G2 in Season 3?

I’m looking at NRG and Iris. Those are the teams we tend to meet in online tournament finals and they give us the most trouble.

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