leofromkorea: “Satisfied with the outcome in Bucharest”

We caught up with Lukasz “Leofromkorea” Mirek after our HotS team’s second place in Champions of the Storm to find out what he thought about the tournament, the match-ups against Team Liquid and the future of the game.

Positive have to be taken from Gamers2’s campaign at DreamHack Bucharest, where they took second place in Champions of the Storm. As the first offline event for the team, a lot could go wrong, but the players proved once again why they are amongst the best in the game and they will surely learn from this experience. Read on to find out what Lukasz “Leofromkorea” Mirek thinks about the event, the match-ups against Team Liquid and also the future of Heroes of the Storm.

First offline tournament and a second place in the bag. What is the feeling on the team? Was it a positive experience?

Taking second place was the least and the most we could aim for at the moment. We worked hard for it with hundreds of hours spent on training, and we are all satisfied with the outcome. We were really happy to play on the main stage as we gained a lot of LAN experience, which is the most positive factor from this tournament.

You lost to Team Liquid twice, in the Winner Bracket final and in the grand final. Right now, what are the main differences between these two teams?

Yes, we have been losing to them constantly in the last few weeks in every important tournament. They are like our kryptonite, their playstyle is simply too good against ours, but we are still doing pretty well against all the other teams. To beat Team Liquid, we need to prepare something special and one day we will definitely achieve that.

You were the only team to get a map off of Liquid. Does this mean they are not unbeatable?

It often happens that other teams can take a map from Team Liquid. This time we managed to win just one because of the greater experience we had on the battleground we played.


Leofromkorea believes that playing on stage has helped the team grow

In the last match against Liquid, you went for a very strange composition (no warrior and two support) and it backfired. What happened?

Our last match versus Team Liquid was simply bad from the very beginning because we lost early fights for the main objectives and we must admit that they totally crushed us, which was not exactly a matter of bad picks. What it comes to our strategy, we had been testing it for a long time and on this map we were mostly winning against all the other strong teams, so we were quite confident about it.

Regarding the future of competitive HotS, how do you see it? Do you think it is necessary to introduce more heroes to bring more diversity to the game?

The HotS scene is growing rapidly without any doubt and we are all waiting for the official release, which will bring many new players from other games. Twenty new heroes and this game will become just another great MOBA title, like League of Legends and DotA 2.

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