Maikelele: “We are very strong at the moment”

We sat down with Mikail “Maikelele” Bill to get the Swedish AWPer’s thoughts about DreamHack Open London, which takes place this weekend. The event will mark the team’s offline debut for G2.Kinguin!

This weekend, G2.Kinguin’s CS:GO squad will be competing at DreamHack Open London, an exciting tournament featuring eight teams and a $40,000 prize pool. Everyone at the club is looking forward to the event, not only because it will mark the team’s LAN debut for G2.Kinguin but also because it is the chance for the players to build on their successful run at Gaming Paradise.

We caught up with Mikail “Maikelele” Bill to get his thoughts on the Slovenian event and the team’s preparation for DreamHack Open London. Read on to find out what the Swedish AWPer has to say!

You had a one-week break after Gaming Paradise. How is practice for DreamHack London going? What aspects are you focusing on?

We did not practice at all after Gaming Paradise. We had a small break and then we had to jump into the leagues we are currently playing. We have maybe been playing two or three practice games per day. We just want to play our own game there, and it is when we play our own game that we are at our best.

What is your opinion about Gaming Paradise? And what sort of conclusions can you draw from the tournament?

There were a lot of delays, but despite all the problems I had a really good time there. I met some friends I know I will keep for the rest of my life, and I am happy for that. The teams attending Gaming Paradise were playing seriously. I know that, and if they say otherwise they are lying! But we are very strong at the moment, I think, let’s see what happens at the next major!

Going into DH London, what are your thoughts about this tournament? How far do you think that you will be able to go?

We got a late invitation, so we really do not know what to expect. We just want to travel as much as we can and gain the experience that is needed to evolve as a team. Every tournament for a new team is a form of practice. I believe that we are able to win events, for sure, we just have to play our own game, and that is what we will do.


Maikelele believes the team can win tournaments as long as it plays to its own tune

In case of a victory over SK Gaming, you are likely going to face TSM. Are you looking forward to getting revenge for the defeat in Cologne?

SK Gaming is a good team, so we will first have to beat them, which is going to be hard. I know cadiaN is one of the hardest-working ingame leaders in the scene right now, and we will have something up his sleeve, for sure. Let’s imagine we win the game against SK Gaming: we will do whatever it takes to get back at TSM, which, of all the teams, is the one we have lost the most times against.

A lot has been said about the latest update. What sort of changes would you like to see implemented in the game?

Valve’s idea was to nerf the CTs, and I think it has happened. The game just needs some hotfixes here and there, but when these small issues are fixed I know the game will be much better than it was!

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