Making The Squad Top 8: Talents from Canada to Slovenia take on Berlin

G2 Esports’ interactive talent show for Fortnite Making The Squad advances to the next stage – Top 8 contestants have been selected!

G2 Esports began the Making The Squad Fortnite competition in early November. After nearly a month of competition we have made it to the final stages of selecting who will become the next G2 Esports Fortnite star.

Throughout the past four week of challenges we have learned all about the candidates as they entertained us with singing, gameplay, and teaching us about their lives. The top 20 was full of wonderful gamers each with a great personal story and full of hope to make their dreams a reality. From the candidates that are all about entertaining the audience to those that tugged at our heart strings, we are proud to now introduce who will be continuing on in Making The Squad.


Here are your Top 8 contenders for Making The Squad:

  • Joseph ‘Hyphine’ Younan, who isn’t afraid to be goofy is from Ontario Canada and has been competing in video games as long as he can remember. Two of his favorite things are making people smile and the strategy of Fortnite, especially the building.
  • Justin ‘NoWonder’ Pulley, from Nashville Tennessee has lived and breathed competitive gaming since he started playing Halo at his local game store. He is all about the thrill of winning and delighting fans with great plays.
  • Kevin ‘Tohaj’ Batic, hails from Slovenia where he has captured the hearts of his loyal audience with his bright smile. Besides regularly streaming Fortnite content, he had a thrill of his lifetime playing in Epic’s Summer Skirmish.
  • Marlon ‘Emjov’ Jovez, esports veteran and entertainer from Northern California who is no stranger to creating his own fun. He’s seen all sides of esports and loves competing with the best in Fortnite.
  • Maxime ‘MaximeMXM’ Bijmans, a spunky young contender from The Netherlands who grew up playing FPS and used to play Call of Duty competitive. She loves travel, fast cars, and playing Fortnite.
  • Ricardo ‘ForsaKen’ Dixon, hailing from New York he got into gaming as a kid to stay out of trouble, his big dream is represent G2 in a big Fortnite competition in a New York arena.
  • Steven ‘eternaL’ Fonts, the one with the beard, is from Miami, Florida and games to entertain when he’s not enjoying a match of dominos with his mom. He hopes to compete in Fortnite at the highest level as a career.
  • Tomas ‘Neko’ Eicher, a fun, bodybuilding gamer from a small town in Switzerland who starting gaming at a young age mostly with major FPS titles. When he’s not in the gym or dancing he’s entertaining his audience with slick Fortnite plays.

The eight contestants will now join G2 Esports at our home city, Berlin. While here they will not only compete online but also in offline challenges. As they explore the city they will be tested on their team work, quick thinking, and reflexes. Without spoiling the surprise, viewers can look forward to some unique Fortnite themed real life challenges.

G2 Esports CEO and Making The Squad judge Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez said, “It was extremely difficult to decide on the final Top 8. We’re proud that we managed to gather incredibly strong  Top 20. I believe that the Finalists selected to join us in Berlin are truly at the top of the line. They are charismatic and daring, I can’t wait to see them going through the challenges we’ve prepared. We have a very talented bunch and I’m exhilarated to see who will be the big winners to get contracts with G2 and become our next stars.”

Catch up on all the action on G2’s Youtube Channel and enjoy the continuation of Making The Squad to see who makes it out of the Top 8.

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