Episode 7

This is it. The G2 Making The Squad 2 Grand Finale. Who will win $10,000 and who will walk away empty handed?

Episode 6

Woken up bright and early, our remaining contestants were pushed to their limits and made to survive the woodland. Catch all the action from G2 Making the Squad Episode 6!

Episode 5

Dat Ashe tho! We wanted to give our contestants the BEARlin shopping experience, and what better way than making them buy their own clothes for a Trashy Cosplay Challenge? assisted by Berlin Fashion Designer, known as Breeding Unicorns on YouTube, Melissa Lee and joined by LEC Caster Christy “Ender” Frierson and Thijs “Thijs” Molendijk, find out which of our contestants knows how to strut their stuff!

Episode 4

It’s time to bake it ’til you make it! Helped by a professional baker, our contestants were tasked with making some delicious cake, find out what they cooked up in this episode of #G2MakingTheSquad with a special guest LEC caster Aaron ‘Medic’ Chamberlain!

Episode 3

We started the day with 7, but at the end only 6 will remain. Our #G2MakingTheSquad contestants showed off their magic tricks in our first ever magic show, but who will disappear?

Episode 2

It’s a song of ice… and ice. It’s time for the squad to wrap up warm and get curling! G2 making the squad 2 ep 2 is here!

Episode 1

The first episode of G2 Making the Squad 2 is here, presented by nicecactus and hosted by Ovilee May. Meet your little legends as they take their first steps and travel to Berlin! With a day filled with challenges and tough decisions, it’s sure to be an exciting competition you won’t want to miss!

Thank you all for submitting your applications and your interest in Making the Squad. The application period has now closed.
Tune in on November 29th, for the premiere of Making the Squad 2!

What is Making the Squad 2?

Making the Squad 2 is a Teamfight Tactics (TFT) based talent-show featuring some of our community’s brightest personalities. This year, G2 Esports has teamed up with our partner nicecactus to make the second edition of our talent-show bigger, better, and more entertaining than before!  We have opened our application process and are on the lookout for shining, up-and-coming content creators with an interest in TFT. Don’t worry if you’re not the highest ranked player. It doesn’t matter if you’re Iron, Gold, or Diamond. Instead, we’re searching for stars with iron determination, a heart of gold, and a diamond personality! From our application process, we will invite 7 contestants to Berlin. Over the course of a week, they will compete against one another in a series of challenges that showcase their ability to entertain, captivate, and persevere. 

In the end, only ONE will be awarded our grand prize – a check for $10,000, a chance to sign as one of our official content creators, and a trip to one of G2 Esports’ upcoming events with paid travel and accommodation (Event to be decided upon by the winner following his/her participation). In addition, each of our 7 contestants will receive a welcome package with gifts from our partners and G2 merchandise signed by select members of our teams! 

How does it work?

This year, the entirety of Making the Squad 2 will take place in Berlin, Germany. The application process will be open Friday, November 1st through to Tuesday, November 12th at 11:59 PM CET. Contestants will be selected and contacted in the following days. Once contacted, we will arrange travel and start the countdown until the competition begins!

Who should apply?

We’re searching for entertainers that align with the G2 Esports brand and share our passion for gaming, entertainment,  and community. We welcome contestants of all backgrounds and skill levels, however, as this season of Making the Squad will feature Teamfight Tactics, contestants should be familiar with the game. While contestants do not need a significant social media following to be selected, an active history of Twitch streaming or other content creation is a great way to show us that you have what it takes!

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