maLeK joins as Coach for ESL One New York

G2 Esports will be adding maLeK to their coaching staff for the duration of ESL One New York, providing on- and off-stage support for the CS:GO team.

Ahead of one of the most prestigious tournaments of the year, we are pleased to announce an addition to our CS:GO coaching staff. Damien ‘maLeK‘ Marcel is joining our team as coach for the duration of the tournament, supporting our players both on and off-stage with a particular focus on improving the team’s adaptability. This is a new initiative we are taking specifically for ESL One New York in an effort to improve our performance before we begin exploring longer term commitments.

Our CS:GO manager Jérôme ‘NiaK‘ Sudries tells us more about this decision.

“In June, we started a restructuring process around some of the most experienced players of the scene, and for this reason, we made the conscious decision to progress step by step in our structuring. The introduction of a Coach to strengthen the team’s framework is such a step. Damien is one of the pioneers of the French Counter-Strike scene. His human qualities and his expertise of CS, combined with his long relationship with most of our players, make him the ideal candidate to bring a new dynamic after a tough Major where our adaptability was heavily challenged. At this stage, we are carrying out a one-off trial, but this experience could well turn into a long-term collaboration.”

In response to this news, maLeK has shared his enthusiasm at the idea of supporting the team for this tournament:

“I am glad to reunite with these boys and I am asking nothing but the best from them. We’ve spent a few days together already and I am looking forward to see them in action. There is a clear idea of where we are heading and the process behind it is all that matters. I trust them to start things here in NYC.”

About maLeK:

Damien ‘maLeK‘ Marcel is a former professional Counter-Strike: Source player. He was a respected leader in game of the French scene and was involved in the origin of teams that left their mark on CS:S, such as H2k-Gaming and/ Tt.Dragons. Throughout this time, he crossed paths with players like SmithZz, RpK, ScreaM and shox. He retired during the transition to CS:GO and took 3 years where he completed his studies to obtain a sport training degree and then a steward certificate before working in this industry for a year and a half. In 2017, he decided to leave everything behind and return to his main field of interest and passion, Counter-Strike. He then became the coach of EnVy with whom he worked for more than a year before joining the young and promising 3DMAX team to help them rise.

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