The core of G2.

Carlos Rodriguez

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jens Hilgers

Chairman & Co-Founder

Peter Mucha

Chief Operating Officer

Jamie Bach

Head of Gaming Development

Danny Engels

Head of Team Operations

Krystian Jaroszynski

Head of Partnerships


Head of Communications

Jacobo Ramos

Head of IT & Infrastructures


The G2 Super Glue.

Mihai Cojocaru

Graphic Designer

Christian Baez

Financial Manager

Jakub Szygulski

Fornite Player

Fabian Lohmann

League of Legends Head Coach

Jérôme Sudries

CS:GO Manager

Thomas Navaro

Graphic Designer

Robert Wylie

Social Media Manager

Joseph Chang

HS Manager

Anne Neukirchner

Business Development Assistant

Kim Tae Hwan “Positive”

Korea Talent Scout

Kim Du Yeong “Trap”

Korea Talent Scout

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