mithy: “If we work well as a unit, we will be favourites in the playoffs”

We sat down with our Support player, Alfonso “mithy” Aguirre Rodriguez, to talk about the matches ahead, the team’s current state and grasp of the meta, and his goals for the Split.

It was a fantastic debut week for our League of Legends team, which secured a place at the EU LCS summit after taking wins over Origen, last Split’s runner-up, and Giants Gaming. As we head into week 2, we caught up with our new Support player, Alfonso “mithy” Aguirre Rodriguez, and discussed his first weeks at the club, the team’s current state and the matches ahead.

What are your first thoughts on these first weeks with G2?

The gaming house is really nice, every player has their own room and there really is a lot of space. We also have a big couch on which we watch shows on TV. Another bonus is the fact that we are just 20 minutes away from the centre of the city and there are different shopping areas nearby. I knew I would have a good time with the team since I already knew most of the players already, except for Kikis, we had played a lot of dynamic queue together before.

During last week’s matches, the team showed some synergy issues. What do you think about the current status of the team? What aspects of the game have you focused on in these last weeks of practise?

I do not really know where we stand right now, but honestly I do not even care, because the regular Split matches do not matter as much as the playoff games. Right now, the team is new, we had less than two weeks to practise before our first game, against Origen, and obviously that could be seen. Overall, I think the biggest aspect of the game we have been focusing on has been to take away the whole animal play style the old G2 had and be more clean in terms of snowballing our lead.

What are your expectations for the new season? Who do you think that are the favourites to win the title?

My expectation is to win a Split at last. At this point, I have a bigger urge to win a Split than to make it to Worlds. If we manage to work well as a unit, we will be favourites heading into the playoffs.


mithy wants G2 to follow a more standard play style

What are your thoughts on the new meta? Some teams seem to have a hard time figuring it out, but G2 has always seemed to have a good understanding of meta shifts, even before you joined. Why is that?

No one on the team has issues picking up meta champions or is selfish about their play style. We all play to get the team ahead and not just ourselves, which is the most important thing to learn since sometime meta shifts change who carries the games.

You are going to face ROCCAT and SPLYCE this week. What is your opinion about these teams?

Both teams are in theory bottom tier but have shown otherwise. I feel like this Summer Split the so-called bottom teams are going to match up much better against other teams. All in all, out of both teams I feel SPLYCE’s style is more consistent and they are going to be a harder opponent than ROCCAT as long as Betsy and Airwaks do not take control over the game. I have a lot of respect for SPLYCE’s support rookie Mikyx, I think that with a little more experience he can become the best Support in europe.

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