mithy: “Winning the LCS, especially the Summer Split, is my biggest goal”

We sat down with Alfonso “mithy” Aguirre Rodríguez ahead of the final and discussed him potentially winning his first EU LCS title, the team’s preparation for the match and last week’s performance against UOL.

Alfonso “mithy” Aguirre Rodríguez is anything but an LCS rookie: in fact, this is the fourth time that he has found himself fighting for the European crown. After failing to win the title in the previous three attempts (one with Lemondogs, in Season 3, back in 2013, and two with Origen, in the Summer of 2015 and the Spring 2016), the Spanish Support has travelled to Krakow with renewed hopes as he aims to bring that run to an end.

But first, the team must fend off the challenge of Splyce, the surprise package of the Summer Split. During the regular season, the team picked up a win and a draw against the Danes, but since then the meta has taken quite a turn, so the teams will play a very different game today.

We caught up with mithy before the match and discussed the performance against Unicorns of Love, last week, the team’s preparation for the final and his motivation to break his LCS duck.

Just like four months ago, you find yourself taking on a young team in the final. How would you compare this final to the Spring final, against G2?

The meta is very different comparing this final to last one, I do not think individual skill will be that much of a deciding factor, and teams will hopefully know how to close out games better this time around.

Both you and Zven have expressed many times that winning this title is something that you really want. What are your thoughts, heading into the match, and how motivated are you?

I just want to enjoy the opportunity I have been given to play four finals in a row and go to Worlds every single time I have been in the LCS. I will try to embrace the support from the fans and just put in my best performance. Winning the LCS, especially the Summer Split, is the biggest goal I have in my career.


mithy will hope to have a reason to celebrate, come the end of the match

During the regular season, the team picked up a win and a draw against Splyce. Considering those matches and the way that both teams played in the semi-finals, what kind of match are you anticipating?

Split games do not mean anything because we were playing a completely different game. Now that lane swaps are not an option and the macro game has been reduced by a ton, it will come down to who gets the best draft and executes it better.

How did the team prepare for the match?

We just scrimmed like we normally do for LCS, but we discussed the draft a lot more than usual.

The team had a hard time against UOL in the semi-finals but displayed an incredible fighting spirit in games 1 and 3. How would you review that match? Do you think experience and this ability to play from behind can be crucial?

The game we lost we were extremely out-drafted, but even UOL had a hard time closing out the game, which was something we did not expect. In the other games, our draft was better, but our play was poor, except for the last game. Our communication was lackluster and we ended up making a lot of stupid mistakes. I think everyone was disappointed after the series and worked hard this week to fix those issues and show a different G2 in the finals.

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