MSI 2017: The ultimate act of redemption

2017 Mid-Season Invitational has been great for us – G2 Esports finished the run second, showing their worth and winning the fan hearts all around the world.

2017 Mid-Season Invitational was the best international event in G2 Esports League of Legends team history. Our hard work secured us the second place, succumbing only to the ruling Worlds and MSI champions SK Telecom T1.

Playing against SKT in the Grand Finals was an incredibly rewarding experience. The three-time World Champions are an opponent hard to beat even in their home league LCK. The Korean powerhouse KT Rolster during the LCK Spring 2017 Finals didn’t manage to take a single game off the most dominant League of Legends squad ever. Their coordination, skill and strategy is polished and precise, and we had a huge honour not only to play against them but also win a game. Beating LPL’s No.1 squad Team WE in the Semifinals in convincing fashion brought us redemption on the international stage. Giving SKT a run for their money allowed G2 Esports to make a statement of being worthy to be named some of the world’s best players.

Jeunesse Arena chanting “GDois, GDois” (Brazilian for G2) and our League of Legends team waving to the roaring happy crowd… These are definitely among the most precious memories in G2 Esports history that we will cherish for many years to come.

#G2ARMY behind us

The most heart-warming experience over the last weekend was the appreciation and love that we’ve been longing for since.. Well, a long time. You’ve made us all here at G2 Esports feel special. Everybody ranging from our CS:GO squad to our Vainglory team was cheering for our League of Legends boys too. MSI was such an amazing experience for us because it brought unity to the whole region. We appreciate every person who joined our #believe train, we are happy to warmly welcome every new #G2ARMY recruit. We promise you some exciting games and content in the future!

We can’t be more excited for the EU LCS Summer Split and the upcoming race for the Worlds’ spots!

Photo credit: Riot Games

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