NA Rocket League Season 5 Infographic

Here’s a quick rundown of the most important North American Rocket League Season 5 stats, check out our beautiful infographic!

It was an interesting Rocket League Season 5 in North America with NRG almost going undefeated but not managing to close the Grand Final series over G2 Esports. Our boys were on fire!

Many will agree that beginning of the season for G2 Esports was strong but not perfect. After an impressive offseason for the team and great bonding experience at our bootcamp in Berlin, as well as a second place finish at DreamHack Leipzig, it took some time to look very confident and collected online.

Rizzo performed exceptionally well, pushing the team to victories more than once. And when the community thought that just might not be enough, our young prodigy JKnaps blew people’s minds with incredible shots, creativity and precision.

As the season came to its conclusion, despite tons of love from the G2 Army, many were convinced that NRG would keep up their stellar performances. But after G2 Esports trio shut down Cloud 9 and proceeded to the Grand Final series, there was no way they wouldn’t fight until the last moment. In a 7 game thriller it could have gone both ways but Rizzo scored the series winning goal with just 7 seconds remaining in the final game of the series! What an incredible way to end the NA RLCS season.

We are extremely happy and proud of our Rocket League team but also want to give back to the community with our RLCS Season 5 stats overview in our infographic! Scroll down and enjoy while our boys are already getting ready for Worlds!

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