NA LCS 2017 Spring Regular Season Infographic

Catch up with all the NA LCS 2017 Spring Regular Season action in our infographic! Who got the pentakills? Which team has the best Baron control rate? We have it all.

This week we already presented our EU LCS 2017 Spring Regular Season infographic but we didn’t want to leave our friends from the North American LCS out.

Even though there were more games played in total in NA (221), the teams contested less champions than in EU — 88 in comparison to 93 champions that we saw picked or banned in the course of 156 games in Europe. On the other hand, NA compensated for that with two pentakills. Hai and Bjergsen got one each, but Hai came out on top as the Multikill Leader with 1 quadrakill, 1 triplekill and 20 doublekills on top of that sweet penta.

Curiously, Team EnVyUs was the one to participate in the longest, quickest and deadliest matches throughout the NA LCS 2017 Regular Spring Season. Unfortunately, the squad lost all of them.

The nine weeks of the NA LCS were great for mid laners from Europe – Bjergsen, Jensen and Froggen are all recurring in the top fives of KDA, gold per minute and CS per minute.

Scroll down and enjoy G2’s NA LCS 2017 Spring Regular Season Infographic:

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