Neirea joins G2 Esports Hearthstone team

Hearthstone veteran Eugene ‘Neirea’ Shumilin to reinforce G2 Esports Hearthstone team.

Today we are celebrating our Hearthstone squad getting stronger. We are happy to announce Eugene ‘Neirea’ Shumilin as the latest Samurai to join the ranks of G2 Esports.

The 22-year-old Ukrainian is well-known around the scene and has been praised for his consistency throughout the years. Prior to joining G2 Esports, Neirea was playing under Team Liquid flag. Neirea is a well established player and a household name in the Hearthstone scene. Earning multiple high level tournament finishes, Neirea also starred in Ukraine’s global games team, eventually placing 2nd. His consistency and diligence has earned him a spot in the upcoming Hearthstone World Championships by finishing in the top 4 of the Hearthstone Championship Tour Spring.

Statement from Neirea:
“I am very thrilled to join G2 with Rdu, Lothar and Thijs – some of the most dominant players in the scene. Being friends for years we have one important quality in common – passion for improvement in every aspect of the game. With that passion I am excited to get new experience and share my knowledge to make G2 the best Hearthstone team in the world!”

Statement from G2 Esports Brand Manager Jakub ‘Lothar’ Szygulski:
“Neirea is a veteran of the scene and one of the most hard working players I’ve met. With him on our team, I’m sure that we can repeat the success of being the best team in the world, just like we did in 2015 and 2016! #G2WIN”

Photo credit: Starladder

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