Nicker’s updated Heroes of the Storm tier list – Butcher patch

Gamers2’s Heroes of the Storm player Piotr “Nicker” Muzolf has released a new version of his highly-popular tier list, reflecting the changes introduced by the Butcher patch.

Our Heroes of the Storm player Piotr “Nicker” Muzolf has released the newest version of his tier list, which has become quite popular in the HotS scene in recent months. Since the last version came out, two new heroes have been released – Johanna and Butcher, both from the Diablo franchise. While the female warrior has been an ever-present hero in top-flight matches, the bulky Assassin has somewhat been overlooked by the top teams.

The latest patch has also introduced some significant buffs and nerfs, which has resulted in some heroes being moved down several tiers, such as Illidan, The Lost Vikings and Brightwing.

Please keep in mind that the following list is based on high-level European Hero League and tournament matches and that it assumes equal player skill level. Below is a brief explanation on what each tier means:

  • Tier 1 – Best heroes in their respectively roles. Picked or banned in almost every game. You can base your game around them and they fit almost every hero composition.
  • Tier 2 – Very good choices if Tier 1 heroes are not available. Their worth may depend a little bit on your team’s hero composition, but they are still valuable picks.
  • Tier 3 – Heroes that are rarely picked. They can be useful in specific hero compositions and can replace heroes that are ranked higher on the list, but they need higher skill and/or knowledge than usual.
  • Tier 4 – Most likely not very useful heroes in the current meta.


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