NVIDIA provide G2 Esports with the most powerful graphic cards in the world

From now on NVIDIA will be in charge of providing G2 Esports teams and players with the newest and most powerful graphic cards.

We feel that NVIDIA is one of those companies that are on the forefront of change by bringing their technology and its development to the next level every day. Their cutting-edge technology and socially responsible attitude made them solid market leaders and the brand any team would be proud to work with.

We are extremely grateful for the trust put into G2 Esports and its players and believe that together we will be able to reach new heights in competitive play and practice. GeForce GTX is the platform of choice for many gamers for a reason and we definitely want to benefit from the best possible hardware. Starting this journey together we can confidently say that GeForce GTX is definitely the graphics platform of choice for G2 Esports.

Here is what our CEO Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez had to say about collaboration with NVIDIA: “As the leading esports club worldwide, teaming up with anyone other than NVIDIA to provide our players with the best graphic card components would be reckless. I foresee many years of success together.”

“G2 Esports is an organization like no other” said Mike Pepe, Senior Manager Esports Marketing at NVIDIA. “Their dedication to competition, players, and esports itself make them an ideal club to work with. NVIDIA is honored to welcome G2 to the GeForce Esports family.”

This collaboration results not only in the upgrade to our graphic cards, but also access to NVIDIA practice facilities around the world. Having support from a company this size multiplies our chances of success, as we receive much needed resources and support for our players across different platforms.

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