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NEEDforSEAT is the go-to company if you seek a premium office and gaming seat for long and comfortable use. Our MAXNOMIC sports seats are ergonomically designed according to strict quality standards to encourage a healthy posture when sitting, this way eliminating tension and pain. They are the perfect choice to get your game to the next level or simply to work long hours at the office.

All our chairs come with the following features:

  • An extremely sturdy and additionally fortified steel frame with a pipe wall thickness of 2mm minimum (other manufacturers only use 1 – 1.5mm!)
  • Upholsteries made from PU and cold cured foam components suitable for the particular categories. Even after permanent usage the upholsteries will still provide sufficient support instead of feeling worn out.
  • Freely adjustable backrests with safety limit stops to prevent the chair from tilting beyond lying position.
  • Perfectly movable 4D arm rests that cannot only be adjusted in height but also in depth, to the sides and in the angle.
  • A comfortable and sturdy tilt mechanism with 5 lockable positions (no simple sheet steel rockers).
  • Class 4 (!) gas springs – verified by the Technical Supervisory Association (TÜV / LGA). Many other manufacturers keep using class 3 gas springs.
  • Fortified metal star bases made from aluminium pressure die-casting – no synthetics!

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