PerkZ: “Dream season? We will see that in the playoffs”

As we enter the final week of the regular season, we caught up with our mid laner, Luka “PerkZ” Perkovic, and discussed with him his performances so far, his synergy with Trick and the team’s results.

With only two games left in the Split before the playoffs begin, we find ourselves with one foot in the semi-finals and with matches against SPLYCE and Unicorns of Love, two mid-table sides, to end the regular season. For a team coming from the Challenger Series, with two players with no previous LCS experience and two others who had never competed in Europe before, this is certainly an achievement in itself, but fans and pundits alike have also praised the high-tempo style adopted by the team, one that resembles the way that many Asian teams play.

Luka “PerkZ” Perkovic, one of the newcomers, thinks that part of his team’s success is down to the conditions they found at the start of the season. “Since every team is new and the meta has not been figured out yet completely, it was very easy for any team to be the best,” he said, before playing down suggestions that his team’s play style is one-dimensional. “Maybe there is some truth to it, since most of our leads have come from mid/jungle getting ahead, but we have shown that every lane can carry and that we can play several different team styles.”

In a recent article, theScore eSports praised the synergy between Perkz and Korean jungler Trick, hailing it as one of the reasons behind the team’s success this season. For many in the community, including Perkz himself, Trick is one of the breakthrough stars in LCS, with talent beyond questioning.

Trick and I work really well together, because we both know our respective role really well and we never get behind,” the Croatian noted. “We are not focused on killing the enemy in mid together but on invading, putting vision and pressuring side lanes. I think Trick and Jankos are the best junglers in the West right now.”


Perkz heaped praise on his Jungler partner, Trick

Moving on to individual displays, Luka’s best stats came during the first half of the season, when he even posted a season-high KDA of 20 against Unicorns of Love. Asked if other teams had just learned how to counter him, he explained that he is now picking other types of champions for the greater good of the squad.

Earlier in the season I was playing more lane-orientated champions,” he said. “Recently, I have turned more to team-oriented champions, focusing on getting my team ahead and not necessarily solo-killing the enemy mid laner.

As he prepares for his final two games, Perkz knows that the possibility of winning the Split in his very first season in the top flight is tangible, but he still refuses to get carried away when asked if this has been a dream season. “We will see that in the playoffs. Right now, I am just happy with our progress.”

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