Christmas has come early for G2 fans! We know that, for many of you out there, playing alongside one of our players would be a dream come true, and we are here to give something back after all the amazing support that we have received over the year!

We sat down with our partner eNgage, which produces the first all-natural performance enhance drinks for gamers, and decided to improve the special deal that we were offering involving Richard “shox” Papillon. After all, we can make one fan happy, but why not four? That is right, we are now offering four fans the chance to play alongside shox in a match that will be streamed live for thousands of people and narrated by a caster! 

To have the chance to team up with shox against some Esports stars (who will be soon be revealed, none of whom are pros), simply purchase his perk on eNgage’s indiegogo campaign. On top of the 24-pack of eNgage/diseNgage, you will automatically join a raffle, which will determine the four fans who will get to shoot some heads together with shox. And all this for as little as 30$.

So what are you waiting for? Support eNgage and fulfil your dream of playing with shox for thousands of people to watch! 


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