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19-year-old Cem Bolukbasi has already grown his fan base in native Turkey and after recently moving to Germany is ready to dominate the scene together with G2 Esports:

“It’s a real pleasure to be a part of G2 Esports. I’m sure together we will achieve great success and I am looking forward to our shared bright future in both esports and sim racing. I am excited to attend tournaments around the world as a G2 Esports racer and looking forward to create great content for my current and new fans on this adventure. I’m excited to see what future brings us and I’m ready to give everything I have!”

Istanbul-born Cem is already known in his home country and his story has been featured in major Turkish media outlets. He became Turkish Motocross Champion at the age of 6 and was awarded Turkish National Athlete in 2013.

He is one of those sim racers who also competes and trains on the real track. Cem started his career in sim racing back in 2013. Due to his natural talent and quick grasp Cem has quickly developed into one of the best racing game players and all-rounders within the current scene.

Cem has participated in the iRacing World Championship Series which is an equivalent to the Worlds Championship in the sim racing scene. He was not only World Fastest Gamer Finalist in the rFactor 2 qualifier, but has also qualified for the F1 Esports Series in Abu Dhabi. This one was extremely tough, but Cem demonstrated extreme prowess – he qualified for the F1 Esports Semi-Final through a PS4 competition where he finished in first position against over ten thousand people who entered the event. That meant he got the ticket to London where he managed to secure the second place in his group and thereby qualified for Abu Dhabi.

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