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Nathan ‘Evulli’ Lee is one of G2 Esports Paladins carry players who specializes in blasters. Evulli started playing Paladins during the closed beta in 2015. He originally started on Back to Basics but had to take a long break for personal reasons. Nathan came back to the scene when he was asked to join a team which later became Febrii. While in Febrii, he came to like blasters and their play style, and so he became a damage main, but more specifically a blaster main. With Febrii, Evulli fought his way up the challenger cup and took the first place. After many tournaments with Febrii, the team merged with Matchpoint, which resulted in current G2 Esports roster. Together guys took the 3rd place at the Masters LAN and the Champion title at DreamHack Valencia.

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