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The youngest racer in FA Racing G2 Logitech G and called the next megastar of sim racing by many. Frederik is one of the youngest World Champions (17) in entire sim racing by winning the Blancpain GT Series together with Isaac Price. Additionally, „Frede“ became ADAC SimExpo Champion in the same year before joining G2 a few months after.

While being a future megastar on iRacing, Frederik finished in 6th position in the F1 Esports Series and has already proven his talent in other racing games, too.

Quick facts:
18.06.2000, Danish
– iRacing World Championship Driver
– iRacing Blancpain GT Series World Champion (2017)
>> one of the youngest World Champion worldwide
– Formula One Esports Series 2017 – 6th Place
– ADAC Sim Racing Expo Trophy Champion 2017
– 13th Week Global Red Bull Rallycross Champion
– Ranked #2 in SimRacing Observer’s Top100 iRacer
„star of sim racing’s future [..] the man who is going to be that megastar“
– ESL A1 League Project Cars 2 Grand Finalist (2018)

Logitech G
Logitech G

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