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World Fastest Gamer finalist Isaac Price, became iRacing Blancpain GT Series World Champion in 2017 and a semi-finalist in the F1 Esports Series. Isaac is not only a great driver but a fantastic brain to have on FA Racing G2 Logitech G. Work ethic and a deep understanding of many racing games makes him valuable all around.
He has joined FA Racing G2 Logitech G in February 2018 alongside Frederik Rasmussen, Sebastian Job, Joni Törmälä and Nestor Garica.

Quick facts:
4.1.1994, British
– iRacing World Championship Driver
– iRacing Blancpain GT Series World Champion (2017)
– World Fastest Gamer Grand Finalist (Top 6)
– World Fastest Gamer IFA Berlin Winner (Forza Qualifier)
– Masters of Endurance Live for Speed Champion (2011)
– Formula One Esports Series Semi-Finalist
– Ranked #8 in SimRacing Observer’s Top100 iRacer.

Logitech G
Logitech G

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