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Jake ‘Kusqt’ Jenkins started his true competitive career with Dawngate, a MOBA published by EA. When the game shut down, his competitive fire was not doused and he heard about the Paladins DreamHack Sweden tournament from VP Simsiloo, an old friend. They took second place playing under the SoaR Gaming logo at that event. The next step in Kusqt’s career was joining team Match Point where they took 3rd-4th place at World Championship. With a roster change keeping their core, the team then played under Astral Authority for Spring Masters getting 3rd-4th place. With some experience under their belt Kus and squad under Team CryptiK finally took a World Championship title and Kus was the one to receive MVP award.

Kus or Kusqt’s (you can call him both) role in the G2 Paladins team is support, although he’s always considered himself to be a carry trapped in a support’s body. With that in mind, he plays a very aggressive style, often shot calling and setting up plays for the team, rather than sitting around waiting for an opportunity. Kus has always been known to bring out unorthodox characters, and he loves to surprise the viewers with a spicy off meta picks. Kus says: “I can not wait to continue competing for the greatest organization in the world and hope to bring a world’s title to G2.”

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