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Spaniard Nestor Garcia is the most experienced racer on the G2 Esports and Fernando Alonso team. Being Spanish and representing F1 legend Fernando Alonso is a very special honour for Nestor. Widely seen as an surprising addition to the team, Nestor has shown massive talent in the past and present. Winning different championships on Gran Turismo and rFactor as well as being an iRacing World Championship driver makes him a perfect allrounder-fit to the team.

Nestor is also one of the few gamers that have won his ticket into a real life racing cockpit with a one-time appearance in the real Renault Clip Cup, which was certainly an amazing opportunity.

Quick facts:
19.11.1991, Spanish
– Clio Cup Online Champion 2013 (winning a real Clio Cup appearance)
– GT Academy national finalist 2014 (Spain)
– Several MundoGT Championships
– iRacing World Championship driver
– Formula One Esports Series – Semi Finalist
– Finalist at Gamergy Nissan Juke Event 2018
– DiRT World Championship Finalist (2018)

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