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Luka ‘Perkz’ Perković is bot laner for G2 Esports. He is the longest standing member of the League of Legends squad. He joined G2 (Gamers2 back in the day) after impressing during his time with French team Millenium. He was immediately considered one of the rising talents in Europe and caught the eye of several LCS sides during the 2015 Summer Season, in which he played a crucial part in G2’s successful qualification campaign. At the age of 17, the Croatian was already one of the finest mid and bot laners in Europe.

It’s been over two years now that Perkz is playing under G2 Esports and he has four consecutive European Champions titles under his belt as well as pride of being the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) runners up in 2017. Time and time again Perkz has proved EU bot lane to be his kingdom. At MSI he silenced the critics who were previously unsure about his international performance. Perkz has been with G2 from the very beginning of our LCS run and now has four European Champion titles for every split played. We definitely consider him our lucky charm and love his sense of humour.

Perkz: “I’ve been very lucky and grateful for the success I’ve had past 2 years. Even before Worlds I knew that it might be our last event, I was prepared to start a new journey, our so close failure got me destroyed. Not gonna lie, I cried when Zven and mithy told me they were leaving. I was crushed because I expected so much more from us. But now I’m ready, more than ever. I’m ready to start a new adventure with my new teammates. I personally chose them, spoke to them, made sure they have same ambitions as I do. I know the recipe to success, I’m so fucking excited to start working with my new team and progress into the state we progressed throughout last year in and outside of the game. Thank you all for supporting me and G2 throughout last 2 and a half years. Please give warm welcome to my new teammates.”

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