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23-year-old Dominik ‘RazZzero0o’ Beckmann from Germany, Gelsenkirchen, brings to the team an impressive performance record since the start of competitive Fortnite. He holds many records including the world record for longest solo win streak with a staggering 42 wins in a row. He is ranked 10th in the world based on his win percentage and is ranked 8th in the world for Duo’s win streak. With all these accolades it’s not surprising that he has performed very well in tournaments earning 95,000$ in total.

His competitive drive to be the best stems from 16 years of football experience and many years of high level gaming starting with League of Legends then transitioning to Fortnite in late 2017. While his first experience with Fortnite was to join his friends he continued to play and strive to be the best. His goals include playing in even more tournaments and placing top in the world in Fortnite.

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