Rainbow 6 Siege Team Crowned Season 8 Pro League Champions

The G2 Esports superstars conclude their dominant run in the Pro League by winning the championship final in Rio de Janeiro.

Unrivalled. No better adjective describes our team’s dominance through the Rainbow 6 Siege Season 8 Pro League Finals. Following their success in the European regular season, during which they dropped only one game, the team brought their successful performance to the international stage, remaining undefeated throughout the finals to become Season 8 Pro League Champions.

Fresh off their 13 -1 regular season 1st place finish, our team was paired against Brazilian second seed, Immortals, for the Quarterfinals. With the home crowd on their side, Immortals came out swinging in the best-of-3 series, presenting a tough, but still surmountable challenge. Though Immortals took the game to overtime in the first map, Consulate, our boys pushed back, recovering the map and closing it out 7 – 5. Proceeding to Bank, the Brazilian side continued their aggression and testing the mettle of our roster. Though tested, it did not crumble and the team staved off the aggression to win Bank 6 – 4, taking the series 2 – 0.

In the Semifinals, our team met APAC second seed Fnatic, who had just defeated North American first seed Evil Geniuses 2 – 0, despite their coach having to stand in for their captain and in-game leader due to illness. Though the team presented upset potential, they were not given any room to do so, as Pengu, Fabian and company closed the series 2 – 0, without losing a single round!

In the Grand Final, the soon-to-be champions then faced off against the home crowd favourites and Brazilian 1st seed, FaZe Clan. As the teams took to the stage, the chock full Arena erupted for FaZe and continued to do so with every round the fan-favourites won. This did little to rattle the G2 team, as they took down the first map Bank 6 – 4 and then kept their regular season legacy alive by closing out the final map on Coastline 6 – 2. Undefeated and unrivalled, our team made their way to the front of the stage to collect their trophy and cement their dominance over the Pro League Season 8 finals as the true champions.

From everyone at G2 Esports, a huge congratulations to Fabian, Pengu, Goga, JNSzki, Kantoraketti, team coach/manager Shas, and team analyst Ferral for their incredible performance. Our boys will take to the stage again soon, but until then, you can keep up to date with everything G2 Esports related on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch!

Photo Credit: ESL

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