Rdu’s Deck of the Week: Tempo Rogue

Our Hearthstone star Dima ‘Rdu’ Radu had decided to share with you the best decks in Hearthstone. Every week he will go over the deck list, deck strategy, and replacement possibilities.

A new deck has risen to the top of the meta after the recent changes to certain cards. Tempo Rogue has become a favorite of our Hearthstone player Rdu, and he is here to tell you about the deck.

With the nerf of Quest Rogue, Rogue has had a dip in power level until that last wave of patch changes nerfing Druid and Warrior. The resurgence of Rogue is primarily due to the inherent synergy between the best neutral cards available and the efficient removal of Rogue. The tempo oriented deck combines “Prince Keleseth”, “Shadowstep”, and “Leeroy Jenkins” along with the pirate package to dominate the board, and push damage quickly.

The deck aims to quickly assembles a dominant board with a flurry of aggressive minions while snowballing the advantage. There are quite a number of standalone cards that snowball the lead for you; Vicious Fledgling, Edwin Vancleef, Cobalt Scalebane. SI:7 Agent and Vilespine Slayer are both efficient removal cards that also put a body on the board. Leeroy Jenkins, Southsea Deckhand, and Cold Blood provide a large burst of damage from hand to finish the game.

The deck in action:

Deck Code:

Lothar pilots the tempo rogue deck for G2 Esports in Trinity Series. With a combination of Shadowsteps and Prince Keleseth, we are able to easily overpower the opponent on the back of a huge Edwin Vancleef and Prince Keleseth buffed minions.

List of Possible Replacements

Possible Replacements:

If you don’t have Patches, take out the Southsea Deckhands and replace with an Argent Squire, cold blood, and a card from the replacement list.

If you don’t have Edwin Vancleef, replace with 1 card from the replacement list.

If you don’t have Leeroy Jenkins, take out Shadowsteps and replace with 3 cards from the replacement list.

If you don’t have Prince Keleseth, take out the Shadowsteps and replace with two Eviscerates and a card from the replacement list.

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