Rdu’s Weekly Deck: Aggro Paladin

Kobolds and Catacombs dropped last week, introducing new legendary weapons, new mechanics, and the dungeon run feature. Rdu brings you a deck that has become a front runner in the new meta for the first week.

With Kobolds and Catacombs fresh from release, everyone is still trying to figure out the best deck. To take advantage of people trying out slower and combo oriented playstyle of decks, aggressive decks reign supreme early on in the season. Aggro Paladin has been a fringe deck in the past, but with the new addition of Call to Arms to fill your board, and Corridor Creeper which quickly lowers its mana cost when your and the opponent’s minions die off.

Aggro Paladin always had one define weakness before, it ran out of steam too quickly. Often you would be left to top decking after turn 4 or 5. Now, cards individually are stronger which means you won’t have to play as many cards to create a dominating board state. Also, Val’anyr is a repetitive threat for your opponent. Unidentified Maul allows you to solidify your advantage with its board wide buffs, while Knife Juggler paired with the likes of Patches the Pirate, Lost in the Jungle, and Call to Arms can easily clear off small minions.

“Kobolds and Catacombs couldn’t have come at a better time. With Seat Story Cup on the horizon, everyone is still trying new strategies and decks which will make this even more exciting. Aggressive strategies have always been my forte and this new Paladin deck is very strong. This deck is very much like the old aggressive Druid decks that like to quickly form a large board and use AOE buffs,” – says Rdu.

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