Rdu’s Weekly Deck: Quest Mage

This week Rdu brings you Quest Mage, a deck centered around creating infinite Fireballs to end the game in one fell swoop.

The Mage quest Open the Waygate allows Mages to end games regardless of your opponent’s life total. This combo centric deck tries to assemble four copies of Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Archmage Antonidas, and Time Warp (the reward card from Open the Waygate). With strong board freezes in the form of Blizzard and Frost Nova paired with Doomsayer, Mages can prolong the game while taking minimal damage.

The aim of the deck is to survivor until you have enough spells to complete the quest, a way to generate Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and have drawn Archmage Antonidas. In the early game, you want to play your minions that draw you cards such as Babbling Book, Novice Engineer, and Arcanologist. Follow that up by generating cards with Primordial Glyph and Cabalist’s Tome to generate enough spells to complete the quest. Then start freezing the board and clear it if possible when your opponent threatens to pop your Ice Block. Then combo your opponent down with infinite fireballs!

Deck in Action

Even with a high armor count, G2 Esports ends the game with endless Fireballs. Jump to 02:42:38 to see it!
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Unfortunately, there isn’t much room for replacements in the deck, as key cards cannot be replaced.

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