rdu’s 20 dream changes to Classic cards for Standard

Our Hearthstone player Dima “rdu” Radu has named 20 cards that he believes Blizzard will be looking to change as we head into the new Standard format and offers an alternative version to make sure they fit the new metagame!

Last month, Blizzard unveiled the first details about a new default game type, called “Standard”, in a bid to keep the metagame dynamic and fresh at all times. Updated every year, the format will allow newer cards to have a bigger impact on the meta as the old ones are cycled out of competitive play.

The first two sets that will exit the competitive pool are Goblins vs Gnomes and Curse of Naxxramas, and Blizzard also plans on revisiting the Classic and Basic sets to address problematic cards and potential killer combos in the new format. 

Our Hearthstone player Dima “rdu” Radu has now put together a list with 20 cards that he believes Blizzard could look at, while offering an alternative version that would fit the new metagame better. Feel free to comment on this list via our Social Media platforms!

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