Rdu’s Weekly Deck: Murloc Paladin

This week’s edition of Rdu’s weekly deck, we take a look at Murloc Paladin. A deck that focuses around the Hearthstone tribe of Murlocs, along with an assortment of buff cards from the Paladin class.

This week Rdu brings you Murloc Paladin, a deck that focuses on everyone’s favorite Hearthstone tribe of amphibians. The current variation of the Murloc Paladin deck deploys the mid range strategy with an option of an aggressive opening hand.

The deck aims to assemble a wide board with Murloc Tidecaller, Rockpool Hunter, and Hydrologist as fast as possible and use the board buffs of Murloc Warleader and Gentle Megasaur to solidify the board state. The most intimidating aspect of the deck is the ability to snowball a small lead with the Paladin class’s buff cards such as Blessing of Kings and Spikeridged Steed. Along with a strong start, the deck boasts powerful late game creatures in the form of Bonemare and Tirion Fordring.





Deck in action:

Even in the most competitive setting, Murloc Paladin sweeps 5 games in a row for us against Planet Odd.

“Murloc Paladin is a strong choice for ladder because it is a strong all around deck with a decent match-up against all other decks. It has a chance to high roll by having the Murloc Tidecaller opening and your opponent not having removal, closing the game in a few turns. It can go long with The Curator and Tirion Fordring. You can also end games with Finja the Flying Star snowballing out of control, or Gentle Megasaur windfury lethals. This deck has a chance against every deck,” – says Rdu.

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