Rdu’s Weekly Decklist: Druid

Rdu brings you Druid for this week’s decklist. He goes over the core build and how to play it.

The druid’s class identity of manipulating mana crystals and ramping have made it a mainstay in the Hearthstone meta. Even with the changes to Innervate, Druid still remains one of the most dominant decks in the format.

With access to early ramp, endless growing jade minions, and a full refill through Ultimate Infestation, Druid seems to have everything going for it.

The aim of the deck is to accelerate into the mid to late game with ramp cards such as Wild Growth, Jade Blossom, Mire Keeper, and Nourish. Meanwhile Wrath, Swipe, and Spreading Plague allow you to keep even on the board before you are able to deploy your larger threats.

Running the jade package, allows you to create an endless flow of minions and Ultimate Infestation supplies you with endless resources. Spreading Plague allows you to comeback from disadvantageous positions and punish decks that go wide on board.





Deck Code: AAECAZICBvcDrqsCobcC4LsClL0CmdMCDEBfxAbkCL6uArS7As27Asu8As+8At2+AqDNAofOAgA=

The Deck in Action:

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If you don’t have Medivh, the Guardian or Kun, the Forgotten King they can be replaced with Mind Control Tech, Primordial Drake, or Spellbreaker.

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