Reddix – From Laner to Support

G2 Esports’ Vainglory team has been in a rich vein of form since Tim “Reddix” Schäfer moved to a Support role! Check out our infographic with stats from the player during the first two weeks of the Evil 8 Autumn Split.

At the start of the Autumn Vainglory season, our team was left with a very important decision to make: with Timo “D1ngo” Tekolf taking a step back due to personal affairs, the team went in search for a new player. After carefully consideration, the team handed a trial to Alexander “Hundor” Stitz, a young laner from Germany, while moving Tim “Reddix” Schäfer to a Support role.

Role swaps are something that should never be taken lightly in a MOBA game, but in this case it is safe to say that the change has been very productive. With Reddix playing in the new position, the team has won the first two weekly Evil 8 tournaments of the Autumn Season, beating teams like Gankstars Cerberus, Team Secret or even SNOW Avalanche, the current European champions.

The next weeks will be spent learning every trick and nuance of the new role, but the early signs are certainly positive. Here is what Reddix had to say about transitioning to a Support position: “Since I mainly roamed before I joined G2, I always had that kind of offensive play style, which is not the best attitude for a squishy carry. With Hundor, who is a great laner, we decided that I should roam again. I feel really comfortable in this role, and it seems to really fit me.”

Below you can find an infographic with Reddix’s stats from the last two weeks:


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