#reshuffle – CS:GO Roster and Structure Update

G2 Esports is announcing a change to our lineup and an overhaul to the structure and management of our CS:GO division.

As much as we play to win, it’s impossible to do so every time. Occasionally, you do take a bad beat. It’s important to recognise when a strategy isn’t working and to adapt. To reshuffle your hand and draw anew, looking once again for the winning plays that get you to the top, whether it’s with the aces, kings, or JaCkz. For us as an organisation, it’s not just about getting Lucky, it’s about winning consistently. Every Round. Every Game. Every Tournament. Being prepared to adapt to new strategies and reshuffle the deck to do so.

Since entering CS:GO in 2015, we’ve proven as an organisation that we’re determined to reach the top. We’ve played and won big, we’ve signed the greatest names and talents in the scene, and have not been afraid to put our chips on the table and to go all-in on our hands. We’ve enjoyed success with this strategy, but have also taken some bad beats. Our recent performance has certainly not been successful, nor does it reflect the talent or potential we believe our players have. Recognising this, we are making several changes to strengthen our infrastructure and approach to the game, ensuring the odds are in our favour for today, tomorrow and years to come. With this announcement, we’re unveiling our new approach to our CS:GO division and also to our roster.

With immediate effect, we’re proud to unveil the following roster:

Though we’re changing up our hand, we’re holding onto a few of our winning cards. They have proven themselves time and again and we are confident they can guarantee us success. Our king and captain, Richard ‘shox’ Papillon returns to the line-up and will be once again taking over the in-game leading duties. He will be joined by our ace AWPer, Kenny ‘kennyS’ Schrub. No royal flush is complete without its important number and in the same way, the ever-reliable Alexandre ‘bodyy’ Pianaro will be there to complete the core of our roster. These veterans and legends in the scene will be joined by Audric JaCkz’ Jug and Lucas ‘Lucky’ Chastang, formerly of 3DMAX. Both players have proven themselves individually and have also previously worked under our coach, Damien ‘maLeK’ Marcel, who we are proud to announce has agreed to continue his role. All five players have signed long-term commitments with G2 Esports and will represent the #G2ARMY in the server moving forwards.

It goes without saying that to add these new cards to our hand, we’ve also had to place some back in the deck. With these new changes, both Kevin ‘Ex6TenZ’ Droolans and Edouard ‘SmithZz’ Dubourdeaux will be moved to our bench.

This decision was not taken easily, especially given both players’ legendary status within the team and CS:GO as a whole. However, our goal is to not just change personnel, but also the leadership and direction of the team. Ex6TenZ has proven his capabilities as an in-game leader, but we felt that his leadership was not consistent with the new direction we wish to take. After careful consideration and discussion, we have surmised that both players are unable to reach the dynamic approach we are striving for, and we have decided to proceed with JaCkz and Lucky. Both players bring new energy and perspective to the team and allow for us to reallocate the roles and positions of each player to create a more cohesive unit and strategy. The team have already completed a successful week of bootcamping at our headquarters in Berlin and we can’t for them to take to the stage.

Please note that due to regulatory requirements, we will participate in the upcoming ESL Pro League finals with Ex6TenZ and SmithZz/ JaCkz and Lucky will be flying to Dallas with 3DMAX to participate in the MDL finals.

This reshuffle is not the only change in our gameplan. Since beginning in CS:GO, our organisation has always worked closely with the players and particularly with the captain on both strategy and team composition. With our first roster announcement in June, we’ve been working to reshape this structure, with a view to creating a stronger foothold in Counter-Strike. This process began with the establishment of new contracts with all of our players, including a long-term commitment and a rebalancing of our relationship. This rebalancing ensures that the club assumes the full responsibility of the strategic and operational management of the team.

Jérôme ‘NiaK’ Sudries who has been working with us since February 2016 in this adventure has thus been given a higher level of responsibility for all the important strategic and operational decisions within the team. He will be assisted by maLeK, who will define the direction and identity of the team in-game. These changes will lead to a more effective management and coaching system that supports the players and overcomes any of the challenges in our way.

Speaking about this announcement, our CEO Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez had the following to say:

“The last few months have certainly not been pretty for us relative to our ambitious goals. That said, we’ve never been afraid when the chips are down or hesitated to go all-in when it’s been needed. We’re relentless in our quest to return to the top in CS:GO and, regardless of what happens next, just know that our commitment to this game will have multiplied as a result. Time to #reshuffle!”

You will be able to watch the new team in action tomorrow for the WESG Qualifiers and this weekend in Sweden for the DreamHack Open Winter. As always, you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch and YouTube.

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