Rocket League Season 5 World Championship Infographic

Rocket League Season 5 World Championship has come to a close at the London Copper Box Arena where after three days of intense matches Team Dignitas came out on top.

After a grueling season 5 of Rocket League Championship Series around the globe, champions from their respective regions converged in London, England, otherwise dubbed as #LANdon, from June 8th to 10th, to battle for the World Champion title and prize pool of $250,000. An amazing performance by Team Dignitas in the finals, who were formerly competing in the RLCS as Gale Force Esports, overcoming crowd favorites, NRG Esports, securing themselves the title and the trophy.

Despite G2 Esports falling out of the tournament early succumbing to Evil Geniuses, we are grateful to the amazing crowd who cheered for us. With the hundreds of fans we’ve met during our meet’n’greet, we can certainly tell, this was one of the best Rocket League events to date. We also introduced our brand new US and Canada jerseys which you can purchase here!

The audiences’ energy never seemed to die down as matches were played, and only kept increasing as the finals approached. With our heads held high, we are looking forward to Season 6 of the RLCS and even more spectacular events. For now, we bring to all of you the most important numbers from the RLCS Season 5 World Championship summed up! Scroll down and enjoy! Huge thanks for your support from us at G2 Esports, Kronovi, Rizzo, and JKnaps and see you next season!

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