Rocket League ELEAGUE Cup 2017 Infographic

We’re incredibly happy that our Rocket League team lifted the ELEAGUE Cup trophy in Atlanta last weekend. Let’s celebrate their victory with our beautiful infographic!

With some of the best teams in the world in attendance and an incredible $150,000 prize pool on the line, the ELEAGUE Rocket League Cup was a very important event for both the players and the fans. The games were close, the atmosphere in the ELEAGUE arena was incredible and our boys Rizzo, JKnaps and Kronovi managed to go all the way.

G2 Esports looked confident coming into this tournament but our opponents have done their homework too. There were quite a few very entertaining games along the way to the Grand Final. We knew Rizzo, JKnaps and Kronovi could do it but we admit, we had sweaty palms during that crazy best-of-seven series. Our trio handled the immense pressure better and managed to take down the number one team in the world and recently crowned RLCS Season 4 World Champions Gale Force. We are extremely proud that G2 Esports Rocket League team had their first major LAN win in Atlanta. We will be taking good care of that impressive and incredibly heavy ELEAGUE trophy that our boys won for the first time in Rocket League history.

If you didn’t catch all the ELEAGUE Cup action, take a look below to get caught up! Huge thanks to Slokh_ and Octane.GG for helping us collect the stats!

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