ScreaM and shox to play at HTC Invitational

Our Counter-Strike players Richard “shox” Papillon and Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom will be in Bucharest this weekend to play at the HTC 1v1 Invitational, a tournament hosted by PGL with $25,000 at stake.

Our Counter-Strike players Richard “shox” Papillon and Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom will fly to Bucharest on Friday to compete at the HTC 1v1 Invitational by PGL. As the name implies, it will be a 1vs1 tournament, comprising 16 players, from the male and the female scenes, who will face each other in aim duels. The winner will take home the bulk of the competition’s $20,000 prize fund.

This may be a fun tournament, but with money and the title of best aimer on the line, we will certainly see some very interesting aim duels! And our team’s fans will be following ScreaM closely as he will put his “Headshot Machine” credentials to the test! 

Below you can find a graphic with all the competing players in this aim tournament: 


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