ScreaM: “I am sure this will be our tournament”

We sat down with Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom before the start of MLG Columbus and discussed with the Belgian hot-shot the team’s preparation, the group stage opponents and his expectations for the $1 million Major!

We are just mere hours away from the start of MLG Columbus, the first-ever Major to take place in the United States and also the first one to feature the increased $1 million prize pool. For our CS:GO team, this will also be their first Major under G2, and they will be keen on getting out of the group stage, something that has not happened since DreamHack Winter 2013.

Will Kevin “Ex6TenZ” Droolans’ men be able to break the curse? Join us as we sit down with Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom to discuss the team’s preparation for the Major and his expectations for this exciting tournament.

How do you think that your preparation for the Major went? Which aspects did you focus on during the bootcamp?

First of all, we all played a lot individually, since Counter-Strike is mostly based on it. We also practised a lot as a team, fixing our mistakes and trying to be good on six maps. We bootcamped one week before the Major, and we feel really good about our level today. So overall, I would say that we prepared well and we are ready.

What is your opinion about the teams that you are going to face in the group stage? have had a really hard time in the ESL Pro League, but they have always been strong at the Majors! We are prepared and we won’t underestimate them in any case, we know how experienced and good they are. Then we have Na`Vi, who, in my opinion, will be a big team at this Major. They have been playing really well lately and have been picking up good results. I think we will not feel any pressure facing them since we know they are favourites against us. Plus, we know their gamestyle and how to counter it. Cloud9 can be the surprise of the group, but only if they all play very well individually. They are still missing a gameplan, in my opinion. They are the team we are the most confident to face in this group, but we will still have to play at our best to win.

Looking at the way your team has been playing and the opponents you are about to face, do you think this can be your tournament?

I am sure it will. We have everything we need to suceed, everyone has stepped up in the team and I am happy about it. We just have to prove it now and play the best we can! #G2WIN


ScreaM is confident about the team’s chances in Columbus

The team has not been able to go through the group stage at a Major since DH Winter 2013. Do you think this puts extra pressure on the players?

It is true that we have all had a hard time at the Majors. But I have never felt as prepared as we are now. We will be playing without pressure, we know what we are capable of and we will keep reminding ourselves of that. We have to fight to go through, and we will!

RpK and Ex6TenZ have been stepping up their game lately. Do you think they will be able to impress at the Major? How big of an impact do they have on the team’s game?

They have been playing a lot individually, and everyone can see that. Everyone on the team has a big impact, but Ex6Tenz, being the ingame leader, has a great role to play, of course! He has been doing great calls lately and putting in a lot of effort into the team, also individually. RpK is one of the best riflers I know, I expect him to destroy everyone at this Major. We will need everyone on the team to play well if we really want to do something good! 

Thorin said recently that G2 is probably the best French team, due to EnVyUs’ current situation. How do you analyse EnVyUs’ situation? When looking at both teams, how do you rate them?

I think EnVyUs have lost a lot of confidence with all those bad results, but changing a player may have given them some motivation. They will need to work really hard to be at the level they were before. I still believe they are one of the best teams in the world. I do not know if we are the best French team, but we will do everything in our power to be so!

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