Sekiam finishes 18th at the Pokémon World Championships

Gamers2’s Miguel “Sekiam” Martí finished in 18th place at the Pokémon World Championships, which took place last weekend, in Boston.

Our Pokémon player, Miguel “Sekiam” Martí, competed last weekend at the game’s biggest annual event, the Pokémon World Championships, which took place at the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center in Boston, Massachusetts.

After breaking into the top six at last year’s event, Martí went into the tournament with high hopes, but unfortunately he missed out on a spot in the final cut – which comprises the top eight players – after finishing the Swiss round on a 4-3 record, finishing in 18th place.


The best players in the world competed at the World Championships, in Boston

Below you can find a statement from Martí about his campaign at the World Championships:

“Although I believe this was the year I trained the most, I finished 18th at the Boston Pokémon World Championships. Despite my position, I’m pretty happy with my performances in the tournament. I beat players like Wolfe Glick (one of the most skilled players on the world) and Collin Heier (3rd at the 2014 Worlds). I was 100 per cent sure I could make top cut this time, too, but I lost to three Japanese players because of my bad luck. Anyway, this is part of the competition, so I have to accept it, and try to improve more and more to return next year to Worlds and minimize the variable that is luck. I would like to thank everyone who followed and supported me during the tournament, and, of course, Gamers2. All this help is what keeps me competing and playing! Thank you, guys! Now, it is time to start practicing to travel to San Francisco for next year’s Worlds!”

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