Skain joins G2 Vodafone

G2 Esports announces today that David “Skain” Carbó is the new Support member of its Spanish League of Legends team, called G2.Vodafone. David, who joins the club from pain Gaming, will step into the shoes of Jesus “Falco” Pérez.

G2 Esports announces today some changes to its Spanish League of Legends team, called G2.Vodafone. Jesus “Falco” Pérez, the team’s Support, is stepping down from our roster, with his place being taken by David “Skain” Carbó, who joins the club from Pain Gaming.

Jesus has been part of G2.Vodafone since the creation of the team, at the start of the year, and he played an important role in the squad’s victory at Final Cup, last month. We are currently in the process of finding him a new team where he can further his career and continue his development.


Falco was part of the team that was crowned Spanish champions last month

David commented on joining G2.Vodafone, saying: “I am very happy to be part of this team, I believe this is a fantastic opportunity to improve as a player and as a person. I am very motivated and eager to start.”

The team’s backroom staff is also undergoing some changes as coach Lucas Rojo makes way for Alex “Mapachito” Parejo, who has been working with the squad for several months as an analyst and now makes the transition to a role with added responsibility.

Jesús “Lego” García, the team’s manager, gave the following statement about these changes:

“We believe in Skain’s potential, we really like him as a person and a player. We are all looking forward to working with him and making him the new star of the next season! We wish Falco the best, we would be thrilled to see him play for a team at a Challenger level or higher. Mapache has a background in traditional sports coaching and has spent the last six months with us as an analyst, absorbing information. He will be the new Deilor, for sure.”

Top photo courtesy of Pain Gaming

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