Statement regarding Mohammad “Jebus” Tokhi

Today we learned through an article published on the Daily Dot that Mohammad “Jebus” Tokhi, currently contracted to Gamers2, is joining North American side Misfits to compete in the NA…

Today we learned through an article published on the Daily Dot that Mohammad “Jebus” Tokhi, currently contracted to Gamers2, is joining North American side Misfits to compete in the NA Challenger Series and has already applied for a visa to travel to the United States.

By the time of publication of this article, nobody in Gamers2 had been contacted regarding the acquisition of our legally contracted player. We want to make it very clear that any individual contracted to Gamers2 is paid according to the terms in their contract and we follow all contractual agreements. We have lived up to every agreement made with Jebus and his team mates will attest to that.

At the time of signing him and the rest of the former Team Nevo line-up, Jebus had no proper living arrangements, so we immediately flew him and his team mates to our Gaming House in Madrid so he and the rest of the team had the perfect conditions to compete in the latest split and try to reach LCS. In other words, Gamers2 provided Jebus and the team with travel, accommodation in our Gaming House, car rental, food, cleaning maids, in-house coach and manager, full gaming gear and a wonderful personal treatment the entire time.

In a statement to theScore esports, Misfits owner Chris Badawi denies G2 owner Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez’ claim that Jebus is currently contracted, basically saying that the legal agreement he currently has with Gamers2 is void, claiming that Gamers2 are essentially treating their players like slaves. For the record, we followed all the agreements we have in place with Jebus who received non-cash benefits and support as agreed on and signed by himself.

It is the obligation of any professional team to double check for any existing agreements a player might have when an offer for said player is made. We can safely say that until today, neither our staff nor Carlos were contacted on any of the plentyful communication channels available in modern internet by any representative from Misfits regarding this matter. One would assume that a former lawyer and professional manager knows the means of how to get in touch if he sincerely tries to follow etiquette.

15 minutes after ocelote’s tweet today confirming that Jebus is indeed still under contract, Misfits owner Chris Badawi added ocelote on Skype. Here is a summary of Gamers2’s entire conversation with him thus far:


Badawi claims that Jebus’ contract is not legitimate and its terms have not been honoured in good faith. Gamers2 midlaner Jeremy ‘Eika’ Valdenaire begs to differ in the following statement:

“Gamers2 has treated all of us really well. From the beginning to the moment we all are. We never missed anything in the house, and if we needed something we just had to ask. In addition, all parts of the contract have always been done right. And… Jébus was treated really well. All this seems very surprising given our time there.”

We do not intend to stand in the way of Jebus future professional career and will support him for any future plans. However – as any other professional esports organization that invests time, resources and cash in its players – we would like the mutually signed agreements to be followed by all parties involved.

The same way that we ourselves respect existing agreements of other teams with contracted players. As was the case with Jebus’ former team owner, whom we paid a substantial 5-figured transfer fee to, while Jebus was playing under similar compensation arrangements as he does now. For the record: At no time have we had any associations with slavery. Should anyone be interested in one of our players, we’re open to conversation.

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