Szychu: “Gamers2, Liquid and Na`Vi have equal chances [in Valencia]”

We caught up with Gamers2’s tanker, Bartosz “Szychu” Kosmacz, to know how the team’s preparation for DreamHack Valencia are going.

Shortly before Gamers2’s Heroes of the Storm players leave for Valencia, where they will be competing in the $15,000 Turtle Beach DreamHack All-Stars, we caught up with our tanker, Bartosz “Szychu” Kosmacz, who shared his thoughts about the team’s preparation for the Spanish event.

In this interview, Kosmacz also discusses the latest HotS patch, which introduced a new hero in addition to several buffs/nerfs, and how it has affected the meta and the top teams in the European scene.

You spent the last week bootcamping in Spain. How did the training go? What aspects of the team’s game were did you focus on?

The gaming house in Madrid is perfect for us to practice, discuss strategies and rest after matches. We have played like 10 scrims every day and watched the replays afterwards. I think we have focused on the draft phase and ingame calling since we were slacking in those aspects.

How are these first days with Baczek going? What do you think that he brings to the table?

It was not perfect at first since adrd was our main caller, so in some early games we were still running around like headless chickens. I guess we have figured things out already, so everything is going much better now! I played with Baczek in a few LoL teams so I can vouch for him, both as a player and as a person. He was like top20 on HotSlogs, and since we wanted to bring in a new Polish player the decision was easy. Baczek is good mechanically, so we only had to teach him our strategies, how to split, how to fight as a team, etc.

Are you confident heading into the tournament, given these recent changes?

If you had asked me that question like two weeks ago, I would not have been optimistic, but this bootcamp has given us the possibility to improve our game. Right now, I think we, Na`Vi and Team Liquid have equal chances of winning DreamHack Valencia. It will depend on who has a good day.


The team has been practicing at Gamers2’s gaming house, in Madrid

You recently lost to ASH in the MSI MGA qualifier. What went wrong?

I think we were the better team at that moment, but the tournament was played so late into the night that I guess exhaustion affected us more than it did the Russians. It was the biggest disappointment in my HotS career. I think we can beat them easily now.

HotS just had a major patch. How is the team adapting to it? Do you think you will benefit from it?

I think this patch is the greatest thing that could have happened to our team. We were struggling a bit lately, but now I think we are doing great. This patch does not favour Team Liquid, who had always been our biggest headache. There is also a new map, but it is hard to say what will be good on it, so if it gets through the pick/ban map phase it will be interesting to see how the teams will adapt to it.

To what extent do you think that the meta has changed following this latest patch?

A lot of things that were a pain for us have been changed. Illidan has been nerfed, Rehgar and Malfurion have Cleanse now, Brightwing is a bad pick now (maybe someone will prove me wrong, but I do not think so) and promote also got nerfed. It is hard to talk about meta this soon after the patch was released, but it has indeed changed a lot. Zeratul is almost perma banned and there are only three good supports, so you easily take all the good supports away from your opponent. Abathur is now high on a priority list.

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