Team Results: March 16th-22nd

We have put together an infographic with last week’s results from all our teams. Check it out!

Last week was a very busy one for our teams, especially for our Call of Duty squad, which is bootcamping in Barcelona with a view to preparing for the upcoming COD Championship, in Los Angeles. Jorge ”Methodz ‘ Gabriel and company won a Gfinity Cup, WhatyouPlay’s Week Champions Cup and also the final ESWC pre-qualifier.

Our CS:GO team did not have the best of games in London, as two defeats spelled the end of the road for them at the Gfinity Spring Masters, while our League of Legends squad picked up a 2-0 victory over dignitas to move up to second in the European Challenger Series.

Finally, Gamers2’s Heroes of the Storm team began the week on a high with two victories in the Heroes Major League, but our players experienced client issues at the weekend, which prevented them from qualifying for the GosuCup.

Below you can find our weekly results in full:


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