Team results: April week #1

We have collated our team’s results from the past week, so take a look at how our players fared by checking out our infographic.

Last week was packed with action for our CS:GO team, which travelled to Denmark for Copenhagen Games, one of the most prestigious gaming events in Europe. With 32 teams from across the continent in attendance and €26,000 on offer, Gamers2 topped its group with two victories and went on to beat Swedish duo Orbit and Property in the playoffs. A 0-2 defeat against fellow Polish team in the semi-finals then sent our team to the Lower Bracket, in which we came short against dignitas. All in all, it was a very positive campaign from our team, which finished 5th-6th.

Meanwhile, Gamers2’s Heroes of the Storm squad had a couple of thrilling matches of their own, against LDLC and fnatic, in the Heroes Major League playoffs. In the end, we had to settle for second place in the tournament following an exciting best-of-five face-off against LDLC in the final.

Finally, our League of Legends team suffered a 0-2 defeat at the hands of LowLandLions in the semi-finals of the European Challenger Series playoffs and will be pitted against Reason Gaming as it looks to to continue in the race for LCS promotion.

Below you can find our weekly results in full:


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