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We are delighted to announce that we have completed our rebranding process by unveiling the new club logo, which reflects the growth and the maturity of the club.

Last month, we announced the first details of the overhaul process that G2 Esports will undergo. Since then, a lot has happened at the club; world-class teams in CS:GO and Hearthstone are now in our ranks and amazing partners which share our vision and our passion for esports have joined us in our exciting journey. Today, we are pleased to announce the final step in the rebranding process by unveiling our new logo.

With the new logo comes the beginning of a new identity, based on the virtues of the samurai. These amazing warriors embody courage, vision and dedication, all principles that we uphold at G2 Esports. We are thrilled to have picked a logo that perfectly represents the essence of the club and the passion and commitment that everyone here, players and staff alike, shows every single day. We have also changed the colors, going from a vibrant red to a metallic silver, which showcases the maturity and the strength of the club in a much better way.

Below you can find an infographic with a timeline of all the recent major events at the club:



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