ThijsNL unveils champion decks

Check out the three decks that our Hearthstone player Thijs “ThijsNL” Molendijk used during his title-winning campaign at the European Championship, which took place last weekend, in Prague.

Our Hearthstone talent Thijs “ThijsNL” Molendijk established himself as the strongest player in Europe after topping the regional finals, which were held in Prague. In addition to  securing a $10,000 payout, the Dutch player, who never dropped more than a game per match throughout the tournament, also got his hands on a spot at the highly-contested World Championship, where he will be joined by G2.Kinguin teammate Adrian “Lifecoach” Koy.

ThijsNL was kind enough to share his tournament-winning decks, so everyone out there looking for a solid set of cards to use will certainly find this helpful. Keep in mind that the Dutchman’s record in Prague was 4-0 on Druid, 4-1 on Warlock and 4-2 on Warrior!


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